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2015 - 2016

Different layers of reality exist for those who lead a life dictated by faith. First, there is the reality of the physical. The implications of mans’ mortality allows an awareness of breakdown, and the emergence of an unseen reality – the spiritual. At times, the evidence is elusive, and a believer can be caught between the illusion of the physical and the conviction of the spiritual.


Inspired by Christo’s process of wrapping objects to reveal their true form, these wrapped canvases function a type of body, forming skins of the canvas or the residual form of an object. To speak towards the illusionary nature of the physical, a brick is paradoxically transformed into a weightless shell, and the illusion of a covered canvas in broken by closer inspection.

I Show You a Mystery explores themes of the body, illusion, spirit, and the dual realities and struggle of a believer. 

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